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Opulence - Beauty / Health / Lifestyle

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Established in 2005, we are Canada' s largest designer fashion house dedicated to design and manufacture products that impact your life. Our mission is to provide you with optimum lifestyle, optimum beauty and optimum health.

In lifestyle, we have revolutionized the fashion industry with new business paradigms along with our exclusive products. Whether you are looking for day to day accessories starting from $10 or leather goods and siledium pieces, we have it all preloaded into your online shop.

In beauty, our FERI Flawless raises the bar in the anti-aging skincare market. It has over 100 patents backing its premium grade raw materials. It is a professional grade regimen, ideal for all skin types, ages and genders who want to look and feel younger! FERI Flawless is so effective, our slogan is "give us 5 minutes and we will turn back the clock 5 years!"

Fountain of Life is a groundbreaking, patent protected natural health product, developed to protect and preserve your health. It is the most powerful antioxidant known in the world and you only need to take 10 drops per day.

So how does our business work? Simple, it is done through social selling and sharing. We provide you with a state-of-the-art online shop loaded with over a thousand of the finest fashion, beauty and health products exclusive only to our company.

As an Opulence Global partner, you simply promote your online shop through the internet or in person using a simple, but effective marketing method we call placemat marketing. The entire presentation process takes only 7 minutes. Within that time you will be able to start selling products and launching new online shops. Anyone can do it anywhere in the world even with no experience.

Our company is best known for developing leaders and creating full time income on a part-time basis in record time. If being consistently recognized for your achievements and being able to receive residual income from over 200 countries is what you are looking for, then you are in the right place.

Living an opulent lifestyle is no longer exclusive to a few privileged people. If you have the will, we have the way. Welcome to the family.

Here the shop :  https://myopulence.com/wealthishealth
Here the shop :  https://myopulence.com/wealthishealth

Monday, November 12, 2018


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2xcoins An investment Platform and Paying Heavily

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2xcoins An investment Platform and  Paying Heavily
We are working on the cryptocurrency market, operating with a variety of currency pairs (btc/usd). We use Dinartopmoney service’s investments and increase them tenfold. By investing in our project you become passive cryptocurrency market participant, thereby ensuring a stable future of yours. We make high-margin transactions during high volatility and earn both at the growth and at the fall of the currency rate. We use different trading strategies that allow us to increase income constantly, regardless of the global financial situation. Please be sure to regularly visit our site and monitor our news. We constantly work on improvements in our policies and services. Join us for a bright and secure financial future!

Based in London, 2xcoins.com is a Crypto-Forex trading company, specializing in providing profitable Crypto-Forex investment solutions. Our traders and financial analysts work to invest your money in the foreign exchange markets, maximizing profits every step of the way.
Simply click on Signup link to visit our registration page. Simply fill out the form with your information and submit to register.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $0.10 or ten cents while the minimum deposit is at a very low $20.00. However, we ask all investors to please consolidate all withdrawal requests from specific individual processor types to save us time.

For every client that you refer to 2xcoins.com, you will earn 10% commission every time your referral profits. We offer a 10% commission to the referrer.


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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Online Children's Clothing Store

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Tashamel kids Clothing our aim is to stand out in making your kids looks our pride!!

Tashamel is a Uk kids brand with style accessible to all - with stylish looks and timeless clothing pieces - plus matching set as your kids deserve to look good and trendy, too! You get a great choice of clothes that fit well most of our outfit are matching set. All our communications; website, catalogue, mailings and emails, give you useful ideas, tips and best buys. The prices make it great value too and it's all delivered straight to your door. That's what we call life made made easy.

the red dress
Trendy reindeer Tulle Long-Sleeve Dress

Description :
  • Very comfy and soft
  • Frill collar
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash, tumble dry



Unlimted and fresh movies on VIDIMP.com

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Unlimted and fresh movies on VIDIMP.com
It's an entertainment network in the alpha-stage , aiming to offer the newest A-list movies and TV shows as early as possible .
Currently , it has a wide selection of movies , but TV shows will be coming soon
Currently open in Alpha-stage as it's not launched yet, but it currently offers unlimited access to it's movies for US$ 2.99 per month. Btw, first month is free.
It should launch TV-shows in the next couple of months, but currently only movies.

The Secret To His Deepest Desires

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The Secret To His Deepest Desires 

Is Your Relationship Dead, Or Dying? Is He Pulling Away From You & Building Walls Between You?
Learn His Deepest Desires!

If you’ve ever experienced the pain of an emotionally dead relationship or if you’ve ever had a man suddenly pull away and shut, you out... Then what you’re about to find out what will completely change the way men treat you and even how YOU experience relationships. This is a professionally designed program back up by a 60 day money back guarantee. To A Loving Relationship Renie

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LINK https://rechargeyourrelationship.com/optin24356399
LINK https://rechargeyourrelationship.com/optin24356399

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LINK : https://emailservice.lpages.co/grab-a-bizz/

LINK : https://emailservice.lpages.co/grab-a-bizz/




Chinese Ancient Secrets to the Fountain of Youth

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About Me
My name is Charmaine Kotzee & I am a qualified Acupuncture Practitioner & Chinese Herbalist (MSc & BSc). I have 11 years of experience in my field and I am passionate about helping people on all levels whether it is on a physical, emotional, spiritual or on a deeper soul level. We all act as keys to open a part that is ready to be activated to a deeper consciousness. All therapies incorporate the body, mind, soul and Spirit. The one cannot work without the other.

Over the years I have learned to trust my intuition which I combine with Traditional Chinese Face Reading. Vibrational Manifestation of Alignment is needed to ensure healing in all areas of your life. I share my knowledge within each session, guiding you to manifest your desired state. My biggest enjoyment is providing guided meditations. Guiding the person to connect with the soul and spirit. Guiding them to see the beauty of their own soul. When we change, the world changes. We create our own reality.

I specialize in Fertility, I will guide you how to be fertile by preparing the foundation of planting a seed to prepare the body, mind, soul and spirit by working on the spiritual element of creating a solid foundation of love.
Let me be your guide, let me be your light.

  • As a practitioner, my focus when meeting clients is to find the imbalance within the body. It is all about balancing the internal organs. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, when yin our yang is out of balance: disease, pain or a feeling of being unwell appears with in the body, mind and soul. We might have an excess of yin (always feeling cold) or an excess of yang (always feeling hot/sweating), or, a deficiency of yang or deficiency of yin. Other factor is: chi and blood deficiency, qi and blood stagnation or cold and damp.

  • Acupuncture is an alternative complementary therapy treatment for all ailments, as we treat the root cause of the problem and only use the symptoms to indicate the imbalance within the body. After an hour consultation of questions and answers, I also observe the tongue and pulse and facial features. The face reflects what is transpiring within the body. Every internal organ features on the face. Based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation, I formulate a Chinese Herbal Medicine formula which is taken daily for 1 ½ months to 3 months depending on the severity and trauma within the body. The organs need time to regenerate which is why I work with clients long-term for best results.

  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine, I provide Yin and Yang Nutritional Advice. This is based on the body constitution. When a person has internal coldness or damp, I prescribe yang foods which is warming and creates internal heat. A person with a sensation of heat within their bodies indicates that more yin food which cold or cooling foods needs to be consumed. Unfortunately, most clients believe that organic food, or raw food diets are the key to Internal healing, however we still must take in consideration the effect food has on our bodies. Other complains of a heaviness within the body are often associated with pain. Fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, whole grains, has a yin or yang association which affects the body. You could have the best diet, but appear frail, experience tiredness or weakness within the body. You may ask why? Let me explain:

  • When we have a cold body constitution and continuously feel cold, the most damaging food option would be yin (cold) foods. The stomach must function vigorously to first heat the food to digest the food, secondly as more blood is forced to the internal organs to create heat and function, the outer body or limbs are often cold. Damp is often associated with cold which often leaves a person feeling heavy or tired. On the other side of the coin we have the yang side. When the body constitution is warm, and the person experiences allot of heat, the most damaging food option would be yang(warm) foods. Too much heat creates fire which normally rises and are mostly originated within the liver. This leads to inflammation. When the liver fire moves upward (also known as too much yang moving upwards) the organs such as the heart is affected. The heart also known as the SHEN will be affected which leads the mind to be disturbed. Often leading to overthinking, worry and stress. It is very important to educate people on body constitution and what foods are nutritious and supportive of the internal body system.
  • A bespoke unique treatment portfolio is designed which includes scheduled appointments of Acupuncture, treating body mind and Soul. I believe healing comes from relaxation which is the reason we provide 1 ½ hour treatment sessions treating the anterior and posterior of the body. We place acupuncture needles in a combination of all 12 meridians (The Classical Chinese explanation is that energy (Qi) flows in channels (meridians) throughout the body and over its surfaces. These channels are rivers of energy which are referred to as meridians. ... Acupuncture points are the specific points on the meridians where the Qi is both concentrated and accessible). The reason for this treatment is to remove any unwanted symptoms that might cause future concerns. The other reason is to remove stagnation, deficiency or excess out of the meridians and promote chi and blood stimulations. Session range from 6-12 sessions depending on the consultation.
  • The at home treatment or aftercare is the Bespoke Unique Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulation which is formulated for your specific needs and based on the consultation which also includes a Yin and Yang Diet Nutritional Plan.

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